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This is what we were told

This is what we were told


My aim with this book is to prompt readers to look more closely at the world around them, to have a greater awareness of “the bigger picture” and to spend a moment to think analytically about the things they have always simply accepted as a given. – Andrie Bester

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Table of Content

  1. A stinging revelation.
  2. Being religious and God-fearing – where did it all begin?
  3. In the beginning
  4. Let there be …
  5. Being created in the image of God
  6. How wicked could they’ve been?
  7. How to load an Ark
  8. Has something perhaps been overlooked?
  9. Animals on manoeuvres
  10. A colourful spectacle in the heavens
  11. The promise that proved perplexing
  12. Hey, where did all these people come from?
  13. Talking at cross-purposes.
  14. An unkind shortcut
  15. Hands in the air!
  16. The longest day in the history of earth.
  17. The shadow that defied the laws of physics.
  18. Money can’t buy happiness
  19. The prophet who let it all hang out
  20. The prophet of visions
  21. The prophet whose marriage was a show
  22. The prophet who escaped in a fish
  23. A miracle birth
  24. Shall we get wet?
  25. The riddle of the lethal loser
  26. The joy of chastity
  27. Is it a sin?
  28. The gifted fanatic
  29. The love of the God of love

Extracts from the concluding remarks of the author

During my journey in search of the truth, I’ve broken through the confusing fog of myth, mystery and the unknown, where the best solution to all life’s challenges seems to be “You only need to believe”. I have broken through and reached the realm of understanding; the domain of knowledge, where solutions are concrete, tangible and measurable. I’ve now seen the proverbial sun, I’ve handled the evidence, I’ve weighed it and have measured it, I’ve immersed myself in it, I can reach out any time I wish and touch it. After all these solid, unmistakable and measurable observations and experiences, how then can I continue believing in something that insists on trying to tell me something different from what I know for fact? How can I have faith in something when I have factual knowledge attesting to the contrary? Moreover, how can I be expected to nurture my faith with a book that has unmasked itself to me as a farce? How do I find “God” when the book that is supposed to inform me about that God is a fallacy? Perhaps you may begin to understand my difficulty. I truly and seriously believe that the Bible is not the authoritative, final and complete revelation of the identity and will of God.

Am I now an atheist for the views I hold? No, definitely not! In fact, humankind has thus far been unable to scientifically and authoritatively rule out the possibility that God exists (not that science is deliberately trying to disprove the existence of God). Therefore, I think the statement that most closely reflects my own stance on the question regarding the existence of God is to say that, with the current evidence at humankind’s disposal, it would be premature to conclude that God does not exist. There is, in my own mind, still a possibility that life and the universe owe their existence to a supreme creator, but we have not yet found a fool proof way of finding Him (Her/It), making contact, establishing a relationship and knowing Him. If that day should ever arrive during my lifetime, I expect to find myself right at the front of the queue, anxiously awaiting the moment to say, “What an honour and a privilege it is to meet you at last!”

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