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Prof Nico Luwes is a Research Fellow, Department of Drama and Theater Arts and professor at the University of the Free State. Destiny, is Nico’s first full-length novel in English.

A copy in print can be ordered from the author at Nico Luwes <>

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When Julian Reed travels to Russia for the first time, he not only discovers the beauty of Russia, but he also meets Mariana Sobchak, a violinist living in Moscow. He is instantly attracted to this beautiful, mysterious woman. However, it is not long before they encounter obstacles. After Mariana’s uncle dies, she is given a book left to her by her father. The cryptic message inside puts Julian and Mariana on a surprising new path. What is the meaning of the book? Are they in danger from unknown forces? What will happen when Julian must return to South Africa? Will they be able to be together?

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