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Accepting your fate eBook

Accepting your fate eBook


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“Prof HENTIE VAN WYK (PhD) is Chartered Accountant and a specialist in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). He started his professional career at KPMG in 1978 and academic career at University of the Free State in 1984. He became a professor at the young age of 31. He is well known under the accountancy fraternity because he presents CPD seminars on an annual basis to practicing accountants nationally and internationally.”


Accepting your fate

Sometimes you might have a struggle that you will never overcome. Then it is best just to accept your fate and carry on with life. Focus on the good things in life and don’t waste energy worrying about things that you cannot change. Many emotional challenges can be overcome simply by accepting your fate, knowing that the Lord’s grace is enough. You will never know, but this challenge, hurdle or obstacle may be your strength one day.

When I gave my class a glimpse into my life story one day, I was amazed by the positive reaction from my students. They were hanging on my lips while I revealed this constant hurdle in my life.

When I was a little boy a family member noticed that I was falling over my words and asked me to speak more slowly so that everyone could hear what I was saying. When I said something, he would stop me in the middle of my sentence and ask me to repeat the words after him. I know that he did this with very good intentions, but this was the beginning of my struggle.
Consequently, I faced lots of challenges with my speech problem during my school and army days. It felt as if my future would be a disaster. As a student and in the early stages of my professional career the battle was even tougher and the challenge sometimes unbearable.
Victory came when I accepted my fate by acknowledging that a hurdle is sometimes the Lord’s way to keep you on your knees. I changed my prayer from asking Him to help me overcome my speech problem to asking the Lord to make my handicap manageable. That what I feared the most, speaking in front of people, I tackled heads on, and became a lecturer in accounting in 1984. This book is an example of courage and perseverance. However, with a wife that supported me all along, the rollercoaster road was smoother.

The rest is history: I became a professor in accounting in 1988 and filled various high-profile positions in the accounting, sports and church environments.

The book ends with a theoretical contribution by a psychologist underlining my stuttering experiences.

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